Pub Otto Von Grund

“Never give up unless you have to”, “Don’t trust a woman who lies”, “Buy flowers for the woman you love, but don’t forget your own”, are just some of the quotes from the legendary comic strip Alan Ford, which adorns the walls of the new pub in Gradiška whose his full name is Otto von Grunf. The pub was named after Grunf, who in the comics represents a German soldier from World War II. He is a capable and inventive member of the TNT group, always ready for new “inventions”. It stands out with t-shirts with original inscriptions such as: “Our ideas, your money”.

The owners of the Grunf pub made sure to offer Gradiška a different story. Many surprises await us in this bar, from stand-up comedy, live concerts with local and regional bands, and interesting quizzes.

We designed the logo and other visuals for the bar itself.